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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bagaimana seorang graduan kimia boleh membantu kezaliman atau menegakkan keadilan

Berikut merupakan komen dari pembaca Malaysiakini setelah selesai pakar DNA dari Australia memberi keterangan di mahkamah tinggi dalam pendakwaan kes liwat II anwar ibrahim.

Chemistry Dept put through the wringer
9:41AM Aug 27, 2011

"The forensic division of the Chemistry Department is still on probation. Better re-visit all past cases where the department has given evidence in court"

Expert: Saiful's sperm in own anus can't be ruled out

Komen pembaca Malaysiakini

FellowMalaysian: This is like reading a Frederick Forsyth's fiction novel but the difference is this is for real. Chemists Lim Kong Boon and Dr Seah Lay Hong should be sacked for dereliction of duties of the highest order.

Defence witness Dr Brian McDonald has pointed out much disparities and ambiguities between what has been done and what the experts would do.

Why do we not have DNA experts like McDonald and Wells in our country considering that it is only nine years left before we become a first world country.

: I read Khairy Jamaluddin's tweet about Bill Clinton's DNA on Monica Lewinsky's blue dress. I did some reading.

FBI did the DNA profiling. There were matches of six loci. The maximum number of loci tested is 13. It is good to remember that a dress is not the same as a rectum. I assume the Oval Office was fully air-conditioned, so the semen to a degree was air-dried.

The fact that there were 6 out of 13 matches (46 percent), showed that degradation had occurred. Now we are told that after 56 hours, the samples taken from Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan gave pristine DNAs.

Wira: Of course DNA can be detected in dry dress. DNA can also be detected, as shown earlier, on towels and toothbrushes.

The thing is, if the sperm cell had not been isolated and the DNA in it tested, then the DNA result obtained cannot be attributed as coming from the sperm. It can be from other cells in the surrounding, such as that from Saiful's body or another person who leave some cells (eg. from his skin) in the sample.

In this case, Dr Seah did not isolate the sperm cell from other cells found in the semen. She simply assumed that the DNA found in the semen sample, since it contained Anwar's DNA, must be from Anwar.

Saiful's DNA found was brushed off as a contaminant since the semen was taken from his anus. Such assumption is wrong because the same DNA result would have been obtained if someone takes Saiful's semen, sprinkles Anwar's cells on it, and later reinserts the semen back into Saiful anus.

Kgen: Of course, High Court judge Mohamad Zabidin Diah doesn't need any physical evidence to convict Anwar Ibrahim. He can convict based on the words of Saiful alone, whom he has already declared a "truthful witness".

In 1998, the late Augustine Paul was forced to expunge the DNA evidence which was shredded to pieces by the defence.

He went on to convict Anwar based on his accuser's testimony which he said was "solid as the Rock of Gibraltar" although he had scolded Azizan Abu Bakar for being inconsistent.

This is Malaysia, after all. But the world is watching.

Paul Warren: The prosecution is not worried. After all, the judge only needs to consider if he believes Saiful is truthful without having to provide a basis for it. After all, that was what Ariffin Jaka (the judge in Sodomy I) did, didn't he? The precedent was already set.

No doubt, the Federal Court later threw out Ariffin's verdict. But never mind, at least they can put Anwar away for a couple of years before the apex court once again does its act to showcase to the world that the judiciary works in Malaysia.

Mighty Bear: I would like to see the Chemistry Department give a scientific explanation to how the sperm of an old man, that was kept outside preservation conditions for around 100 hours, not degrade.

Otherwise, it is a scientific certainty that sperm is in fact fresh. Then it becomes a mathematical certainty, that this specimen is invalid to this case, and it becomes a legal certainty that the prosecution's case had sunk.

Justice Pao: All the samples - lower rectal and high rectal - shows no sign of degradation, which meant that the sample cannot be more than the 100 hours that the samples were to have been Saiful's rectum after the sodomy.

In countries around the world, the case would have been thrown out immediately, but I guess only in Malaysia, the judge will continue to hear the case.

Ferdtan: What do you expect from Dr Seah Lay Hong, a doctorate who has the infamous boss, Lim Kong Boon, who is not qualified in the field of DNA. As pointed out in Sodomy I, Lim got a 'C' for chemistry in his degree.

As I have pointed out earlier, the old 'boys' from Sodomy l are totally in this second sodomy plot.

There are Musa Hasan, ex-inspector general of police, Lim Kong Boon (now Chemistry Department director-general), SAC II Mohd Rodwan Mohd Yusof (who was later promoted to Malacca police chief) who met Saiful in a hotel room (in Sodomy I, Rodwan was involved with allegedly placing Anwar's semen on a mattress), and of course the attorney-general, Abdul Gani Patail.

Cala: Remember chemist Lim? He was involved in Sodomy I, and claimed he had collected Anwar's semen from a 6'0''x 6'0'' mattress which was carried in and out of the court day in and day out for maximum exposure.

Guess what? When challenged by Anwar Ibrahim's team of lawyers on the authenticity of the semen, chemist Lim said he had thrown away all the samples. Can you imagine that?

Tailek: What a joke. The forensic division of the Chemistry Department is still on probation. Better re-visit all past cases where the department has given evidence in court.

Maybe innocent persons have been convicted or guilty ones let off based on evidence from a department which does not meet internationally accepted standards.

Pemerhati: The long adjournment of almost a month is puzzling and suspicious. Are PM Najib Razak and his henchmen, who seem to have masterminded the trumped-up sodomy charges, disturbed by the testimony given by McDonald?

Perhaps they need the time to look for another expert from Europe, US or elsewhere who can contradict McDonald as was done in the Teoh Beng Hock case when a pathologist from UK was flown in.

Danny Lazaroo: Of course, it's possible for sperm to in one's own anus. Seriously. I don't really want to be graphic about it, but think about it.

I mean, there were multiple strains of DNA found up his anus - I wouldn't be surprised if he practiced these kind of sexual acts.

Regardless, the fact that the chemist has not determined the presence of sperm or semen is insanely deficient.

Good Men: "Saiful's sperm in own anus can't be ruled out". Hmmm... is 'self-sodomy' considered a crime in Malaysia.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Peluang buat Master dan PhD bagi sesiapa yang berminat atau tidak mempunyai pekerjaan tetap


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Saya yang menurut perintah,

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Vacancy for research assistant at University Malaya

Iklan jawatan kosong "Research Assistant" Center of Excellence for Research in AIDS (CERiA), Universiti Malaya

Sila hubungi Dr. Tee Kok Keng, dari Universiti Malaya berkenaan jawatan kosong ini melalui

conference palm international nutra-cosmeceutical 2011

Interested to attend?

Peluang PhD in Natural Biodegradable Polymer

Interested to pursue your PhD in Natural Biodegradable Polymer?

Pls contact Assoc Prof Dr Rahmad Mohamad (UiTM) at 019-3568847 ASAP.

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Ken Robinson: Changing education paradigms | Video on

Ken Robinson: Changing education paradigms | Video on

Membuka minda bagaimana sistem pendidikan pada masa ini berfungsi...khusus untuk para pendidik dan ahli akademik